Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigation of an improved conjugate gradient method for solving the system of nonlinear equations    M.Sc.    inas al-hachami    1400/06/28
2    Sinc-Munitz-Legendre collocation method for solving a class of nonlinear fractional partial differentional equations    Ph.D    Mahmood Shareef Ajeel    1399/09/19
3    Modified moving least squares method for one-dimensional and two-dimensional linear and nonlinear systems of Fredholm integral equations    M.Sc.    Navid Forouhi    1399/05/01
4    Spectral projection method for solving of Fredholm-Hammerstein integral equations and its convergence    M.Sc.    Mahboobeh Gandomi Sani    1398/11/30
5    A spectral element method for ‎some two-dimensional‎ Dirichlet problems‏    Ph.D    Mostafa Kafaei Razavi    1398/11/30
6    Bifurcation of traveling waves and exact solutions of modified KP equation with fractional time‏-space    M.Sc.    RAHMATULLAH QARLOQ    1398/10/04
7    Improvement of convergence of ‎Hessenberg and ‎CMRH Methods    Ph.D    Zohreh Ramezani    1398/04/22
8    Approximate solution for linear and nonlinear Fredholm integral equations in higher dimensional case by barycentric interpolation collocation methods    M.Sc.    Ahmad Arasteh Shoorab    1397/11/30
9    stability and convergence of numerical methods for fractional partial differential equations with Riesz space fractional derivatives    M.Sc.    hossein gholami chahkand    1397/11/27
10    Approximate solution for one and two dimensional integral equations with complex factors by using the collocation redial basis functions method    M.Sc.    mahmood rasa    1397/11/24
11    Reproducing kernel Hilbert space method for solving a Class of linear and Nonlinear Integral Equations    M.Sc.    mohadeseh khishavandi    1397/09/26
12    solving integral equations via generalized fractional calculus    M.Sc.    akram pachenari torghabe    1397/09/11
13    Block CMRH method and its development for solving the matrix equations    Ph.D    saeide amini    1397/08/02
14    Multistep collocation methods and Two-step almost collocation methods for Volterra integral equations    M.Sc.    sahar ebrahimi arefi    1397/06/31
15    Numerical Solution of a Complex Integral Equations by using Periodic Quasi Wavelets    Ph.D    hossein beiglo    1397/05/24
16    A numerical method for solving matrix diffrential equations    M.Sc.    seyede fereshte seyed moosavi    1396/11/30
17    matrix differentiation and its application    M.Sc.    samane naseri    1396/11/28
18    Investigation of the existence and uniqueness of the solution of differential equations driven uncertain process    Ph.D    samira siah mansouri    1396/07/18
19    Numerical solutions of Volterra integral equation with weakly singular kernel using SCW method    M.Sc.    gholamreza pourmohammad    1396/06/29
20    Solving fractional order population growth model by using fractional shift Legendre polynomials    M.Sc.    HAIDER MAHDI    1396/06/14
21    Numerical solution of Volterra integral equations of the first kind with discontinuous kernel    M.Sc.    Dhurgham Musafer    1396/05/31
22    Numerical solution of second-order ordinary differential equations using direct methods    M.Sc.    Sadeq Khosravi    1396/05/11
23    Approximating positive solutions of boundary value problems of nonlinear first order ordinary differential equations    M.Sc.    ali saagh    1395/07/13
24    Investigating of harmonic Arnoldi method and harmonic Rayleigh Ritz procedure and their extension for computing the interior eigenvalues of a large matrix    M.Sc.    somayyeh ghadamyari    1395/04/28
25    The variational iteration method for solving linear and nonlinear Volterra integral equations and determination of periodic solutions for nonlineaer oscillations of nanowiers    M.Sc.    elham sajadi rad    1394/06/30
26    Numerical solution of integral equations by successive method using wavelets and its extended on the two dimension integral    Ph.D    majid erfanian    1394/04/31
27    Fast Iterative Methods for The Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations    M.Sc.    ghasem razavi    1393/12/12
28    Solving of a class of partial differential equations by sub-ode method    M.Sc.    mina mortazavi    1393/11/09
29    A nonstandard finite difference scheme for a mathematical model of the prevalence of smoking    M.Sc.    afsaneh hasanpour    1393/11/08
30    A New Approach for Numerical Solution of Some Classes of Differential and Integral Equations    Ph.D    EMRAN TOHIDI    1393/11/04
31    Using traingular orthogonal functions for solving Fredholm integral equations and nonlinear Volterra- Fredholm integral equations    M.Sc.    Hakimeh Rahimi Kateh Goush    1393/08/05
32    Numerical methods for solutions of differential - algebriac equations    M.Sc.    reza armaghan    1393/06/27
33    Spectral methods for integro-differential equations with vanishing proportional delays    M.Sc.    samane shaabani kalate    1393/06/26
34    nonlinear differential equations for cancer tumor and immune system and bifuurcation theory role    M.Sc.    amir saber    1393/06/19
35    The regularization method for solving Fredholm integral equations of the firstType    M.Sc.    Nafise Ghabdyan    1393/06/05
36    Analytical and numerical methods for fractional differential equations with delay and their stability investigation    M.Sc.    seyedeh zeinab mirzaee    1392/12/26
37    Least squares methods for solving differential equations using Bézier control points    M.Sc.    aynaz shakiba    1392/11/18
38    Numerical solution of fractional differential equations using Montz polynomials    M.Sc.    Samaneh Feli    1392/11/09
39    Numerical Solution Of The Time Optimal Control Systems With Nonsmooth Dynamic    M.Sc.    Zakareia Ebrahimi    1392/06/31
40    Solving of multi-order fractional boundary value problems using Haar wavelets    M.Sc.    RAZIEH NAGHAVI NIA    1392/06/31
41    Adams methods for solving multi-order fractional differential equations and their stability    M.Sc.    elham jafari darbandi    1392/06/31
42    a new approach for solving nonsmooth constrained optimization problems    M.Sc.    farhad sarani    1392/06/28
43    considering existence periodic solutions for some infection models    M.Sc.    samira alizadeh    1392/06/27
44    Using some numerical methods solving for solving integral equations Urysohn form    M.Sc.    shima sanati hajar    1392/06/26
45    Integral inequalities and their applications in studying the stability solution of nonlinear integro-differential equations    M.Sc.    javad mehdi moghadam    1392/06/20
46    Application of the fixed Point theorem for analysis of the error in nonlinear integral equations    Ph.D    omid baghani    1392/04/18
47    Numerical solution of two-dimensional nonlinear Fredholm integral equaions using specific functions    M.Sc.    Atefeh Ghanaatikashani    1392/03/18
48    numerical solution of Fredholm Integral Equation by Finite Element Method    M.Sc.    hamed zeidabadi    1391/11/12
49    finite volume method for solving Elliptic problems in two and three dimensions with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary condition    M.Sc.    Seyedeh Fatemeh Nassajian Mojarrad    1391/10/24
50    Effect of influenza vaccination and theory of bifurcation on the model influenza    M.Sc.    zohre sadat bornas    1391/08/27
51    The Tau method for solving ordinary diffrential equation and integro-differential equation    M.Sc.    vajiheh rezazadeh mogadam    1391/06/29
52    stability and bifurcation analysis for a predator-prey model with delay    M.Sc.    eliyeh taghavi    1391/06/27
53    finite difference methods for delay differential equation    M.Sc.    hosein heidari kang olia    1391/06/15
54    Multiple step methods for solving fractional differential equations and investigation of the stability properties    M.Sc.    yahya avatefi nejad    1390/08/17
55    A nonstandard finite-difference scheme for the Lotka-Volterra system    M.Sc.    raziyeh afshar ghatali    1390/06/19